About Us

Bevvy is motivated by the noblest mission of them all- to ensure that no cups, fridges and coolers are ever empty once more. OK, perhaps it’s not the gravest problem facing the world, but it’s a real buzz kill when you run out. Inner city, we work with local stores to make the biggest selection and best prices available to you. Bevvy gives you a better option for shopping beer, wine and liquor in your area. Choose to have it delivered immediately or schedule it for later. It’s up to you. We’re happy as long as you’re fully stocked. And if we’re not in your ‘hood yet, don’t worry. We’re coming.

You must be of legal drinking age to access this site. Bevvy does not condone the purchase and consumption of alcohol by any minor or persons under the age of 18. Please drink responsibly and it is never acceptable to drink and drive. (Which is why we deliver! Haha!)



We deliver within 60 to 90 minutes of placing your order, and operate will be communicated in due time.



We reserve the right to request ID before accepting payment.  We will gladly deliver to business addresses and your outdoor party venue so long as its not in the middle of nowhere and can be located via GPS within our delivery zone(s